Fastest Lap Racing Manager

M Games


** Pro ( or Lite ( **

Take control of your own open wheeled racing team in the 2014 season in this exchanging racing management simulation. Features:

* NEW - Driver Negotiations
* Driver life cycles, drivers will improve, peak and worsen throughout their career and eventually retire and be replaced by new drivers
* Season results matrix
* 5 race weather systems (Clear, Cloudy, Drizzle, Rain, Storm, Cyclone)
* Long (19), Medium (9) or Short (6) races per Season
* Multiple seasons (Unlimited)
* Control one of 11 teams
* Receive targets and exceed them to upgrade your car and attract new drivers
* Exciting race model with overtaking and circuits that suit some teams better than others
* Driver mistakes
* Pit Stops
* Aggression and Blocking driver orders
* Save your game and resume later
* Absolutely no 'Pay to win' game mechanics

Features in planning:

* Old season addons, circuits and drivers

This game is still under development with a lot of new features planned. Please head to one of the social media links above to contribute ideas and discuss if you know what you would like to see, or if you have a bug or a problem.

Another nice way to encourage the game is to leave a positive review, I hope you enjoy it!

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