Crossfire: Air Hockey 2 Player



Futuristic air hockey game. This game is very similar to air hockey two player games but with guns and power-ups!.

★★★★ Legit
Super fun game!!! Challenging but awesome! :)

★★★★★ Crazy fun
Whoa intense 2 player game

★★★★★ Fun two player!
Fun to play in the car :-)

XFIRE features awesome graphics, beautiful glow effects, professional sounds, and a very well designed physics engine. Shoot the target into the other player's goal. The first of two players to score 3 points wins the game!

Features include:
- Play up to 1-2 players
- Play against the computer on 3 difficulty levels: Piece of Cake, Run of the Mill, and Finger Fatigue.
- Powerups!
- Optimized for tablet game play
- Limited Ads

Please email if you experience any issues. Feedback and suggestions are also welcomed!

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